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We have only one goal: your safety.

Cosmos Security Management GmbH ensures your safety. We find the right solution in a competent, fast and uncomplicated manner - for companies or private individuals. We set our sights on developing the right safety concept for each customer individually. In doing so, we do without experiments and any frills. With us, you receive all security services directly from a single source.

Loyalty and honesty towards the customer is our credo. After all, trust is one of the most important aspects of security. Through 20 years of international experience in the industry combined with state-of-the-art technology and methods, we ensure your safety with our qualified employees - at work and at home.

Alarm tracking

Often an alarm system remains a paper tiger. This occurs when no response is given to the triggered signal. With our district guard service staff, which are permanently in contact with the individual partner emergency services and service points, we are, however, in a position to react quickly to an alarm. 

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Patrol duty

Industrial areas, office complexes and, increasingly, medical practices are popular targets for thieves. Often, "only" the externally accessible values, such as copper pipes or steel parts, are the object of desire and achieve high prices on the raw material market.

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24/7 emergency
call service

As the operator of a lift system, you are responsible for the fact that, in the case of an incident involving persons, the rescue is initiated according to regulations. If the emergency call system is connected to the control centre of CSM Security Management GmbH, help can be requested quickly.

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Individual security solutions from Bergisch Gladbach

What we offer our customers

Our portfolio ranges from classic security services via the appropriate technology to reception and gatekeeper services:

We are also happy to provide you with safety analyses and custom-tailored safety concepts.

Products and purchasing environments must be presented to the customer in a contemporary manner. In order to create an attractive purchasing environment, regular renovation measures are necessary.
In this phase the risk of theft is very high, because "opportunity makes the thief". To ensure that goods and furnishings do not walk off during the redesigning phase, Cosmos Security Management ensures safety. Our security guards guard the places at risk. We document who has access to specific zones, perform ingress and egress controls in constantly changing inspection intervals and take care of locked-state checking.


The automotive industry is one of the most important industries in Germany, employing more than 800,000 people. The advance in knowledge is a decisive competitive advantage in this industry and thus places the highest safety requirements on manufacturers or their suppliers. For example, the newly developed cars (prototypes or disguised prototype cars) or even market launchings have to be kept secret from competitors. Events, car clinics, photo and film shootings also require special security requirements, which Cosmos Security Management can offer its customers.

Banks and insurance companies as well as all financial service providers, of course, have increased security requirements. Whether with regard to clients or the sensitive areas: Cosmos Security Management manages the tightrope walk between uninterrupted monitoring and customer-friendly discretion during the work processes, which customers at best do not notice.


The logistics industry is Germany's largest industrial sector after the automotive industry and the trade. The increase in transports handled by logistics companies, the increased quality requirements of customers and, last but not least, the statutory regulations from Brussels pose major challenges for forwarders. The security of the supply chain becomes the decisive quality feature of every logistics provider.

As part of a risk management procedure, Cosmos Security Management analyses the entire transport chain from dispatch to customs and is also able to monitor the transport routes.


Cosmos Security Management also offers security concepts specialised in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The environmental awareness strongly established in Germany produced the highest legal requirements in the world. In other words, nothing may happen. In addition, in this industry business secrets also have to protected, so as to maintain the competitive advantage.


Until a few years ago, the nightly guarding of projects under construction was our primary customer order. The prevention of sabotage, vandalism and theft of building materials was the main focus.

Today we are increasingly entrusted with controlling tasks during working hours on working days. The prevention of undeclared labour and the production of evidence of the actual performance of the companies involved in construction is part of our work.


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