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Often an alarm system remains a paper tiger. This occurs when no response is given to the triggered signal. With our district guard service staff, which are permanently in contact with the individual partner emergency services and service points, we are, however, in a position to react quickly to an alarm. All event messages, e.g. fire alarm, hold-up alarm or burglar alarm, come in at our emergency call centre and are processed immediately.

But even if you don’t have an issue that needs to be dealt with quickly, our employees check all safety-relevant places on your property in different time intervals. Thus no regularity can be determined. If we notice something unusual, the emergency call centre and service point is immediately informed and the previously defined intervention measures implemented. We ensure a fast and efficient response.

24/7 emergency call service for lift systems

As the operator of a lift system, you are responsible for the fact that, in the case of an incident involving persons, the rescue is initiated according to regulations.

If the emergency call system is connected to the control centre of CSM Security Management GmbH, help can be requested quickly. In the event of a fault, we reach the property within 15 minutes (in the city area of Bergisch Gladbach) and can take the lift back into operation or - if a major defect has occurred - free the locked-in persons.

Please call our emergency hotline +49-2202-18876-55 in an emergency.

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