Detective agency for private and economic investigations

Detective agency for private and economic investigations

With good reason, "Trust, but verify" is a popular saying. Cosmos Security Management investigates efficiently, purpose-directed and equipped with the latest technology. In doing so, we focus on the fact that our documented findings can also be used in court. In this way, we facilitate the conduct of civil and criminal proceedings.

We carry out professional investigations for the fight against theft, fraud, breach of trust, white-collar crime, blackmailing and serious crime for the wholesale trade and the industry. Of course, our offer is also aimed at private individuals.

Our investigation services

for the economy:

• Clarification of theft
• Insurance fraud
• Introduction of detectives
• Personnel checks
• Concealed closed-circuit TV

for private individuals:

• Observation & investigation
• Marital matters
• Custody matters
• Maintenance matters
• Tracing and return of missing persons

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